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Client-side Samples for corporate actions

Event and Holdings

Corporate Actions are events initiated by companies who are issuers of securities. These events give opportunities to the owners of these securities to receive benefits or take part in certain activities. Holdings are units of shares or other instruments of owners, which are usually the starting point of all the corporate actions. These events could be

As for 2021, SAXO supports 73 types of events, The /ca/v2/events/eventtypes endpoint returns the full list of available event types.

There is a live sample on Events and Holdings.

Corporate Action Types

All the Corporate Actions or events can be simply categories into two types:


During voluntary events, different options are given to all the share owners to pick. Once a shareholder makes his or her decision, an election must be made by the shareholder. An election is something has been chosen by a client in an Voluntary corporate action.

There is a live sample on Elections.

Standing Instructions

A reset rule about how an election should be automatically performed by an shareholder.

There is a live sample on Standing Instructions.

Documentation can be found on the Developer Portal.

Corporare Action Activities through ENS

SAXO provides 3 kinds of Corporate Action Activities through ENS

There is a live sample on Corproate Action Activities by ENS.

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